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The Triage Alert System (TAS)

A low cost, novel, rapid, multi-assay, analytical diagnostic platform for emergency triage.

The focus is point of care (POC) testing for the largest unmet clinical needs in emergency medicine: Drug overdose, Cardiovascular function, Liver function and Acute kidney injury.



There is an urgent need for rapid, effective triage in accident and emergency.

  • In 2019-2020 there were over 25 million A&E attendances in the UK alone, a 17 per cent increase since 2010-11
  • 2 million of these patients were made up of overdose, cardiac and urology patients, including kidney disease which may be life threatening
  • Conditions such as heart attacks, stroke, drug overdose, liver and kidney failure (falls) require urgent and rapid diagnosis in order to stratify risk, treat effectively and discharge to other departments if necessary

Before diagnosis and treatment current blood biomarker laboratory testing takes hours, resulting in:

  • Increased department workload
  • Limited capacity
  • Increased risk of patient complications
  • Increased risk of excess patient death
  • Unprecedented A&E overcrowding is also compounding these issues leading to excess deaths

Currently there is no low cost, rapid near patient testing system that provides lab-quality diagnosis for common conditions presenting at A&E

Concept design for the Triage Alert System (TAS) instrument – Portable for a near patient setting with large digital interface for ease of use. Utilizes camera technology to measure concentration of paracetamol and ALT present on test steps withing test cartrige.


A low-cost, rapid, POC, multi assay, analytical diagnostic platform for emergency triage. Using novel immunochemistry and enzyme technology with a simple 3 step operation, results are delivered within 15 minutes for up to 6 biomarkers simultaneously.

Economic Benefits:

Obtains results in 15mins, much faster and at a significantly lower cost compared to current laboratory testing

The System will reduce A&E departmental workload by up to 8% and reduce the costs of patient care by at least £16m per year in the UK

Benefits to Patients & Healthcare Providers:

Rapid patient referral to specialist departments for treatment

Decreased time for treatment initiation

Decreased probability of mortality

If stable and well patients can be rapidly discharged freeing up capacity in A&E


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